Cheating Girlfriend How To Know The Truth

Published: 11th December 2009
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In any relationships, having the knowledge and ability to tell if your girlfriend is cheating is an advantage, especially in a developing courtship. If the relationship is really new, you wouldn't want to jump to any wrong conclusions, since such accusations of unfaithful may not be taken lightly. It is capable of ending a previously beautiful relationship. So it is important to have a solidly undeniable proof if you are thinking of confronting your girlfriend with any accusation of unfaithfulness. Because, it could be embarrassing if you are wrong and can land you in a tight spot. If she now decides to go ahead and cheat, you may not have the guts to confront her any more. It may now looks as if you don't trust her anymore.

It's okay anyway, there are different ways to kill a snake. Read on to learn tips that can tell you if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

New Mode of Dressing:
A girl who is cheating on her boyfriend is always conscious of her appearance, if your girlfriend suddenly becomes a make up freak who likes to spend more time in front of a mirror surveying and adjusting her dress,hair, and make up before going out, even if going to the grocery, then there maybe cause for concern, especially if she isn't too self conscious previously...continue to observe and monitor her. It is a sign she's trying to draw someone's attention that is if she doesn't have yet.

She Seems Happy and Satisfied:
Did you notice a feeling of happiness and contentment with your girlfriend lately, especially when you are not around. If she's always happy in the presence of friends but becomes cold and somehow reserved whenever you show up...the thought or presence of someone other than you is giving her joy. She may suddenly want to change environment and if you insist she stays, it may result in a quarrel.

Women are more emotional than men, it is easy for a woman's feeling to come to the surface...she may be getting happiness from someone else. These emotions are surfacing because she's trying to hide a secret from you.

Begins Putting on Expensive jewelry:
If you notice that she's now wearing a new necklace that looks very expensive, you need to find out where it came from. You should become suspicious if the receipt doesn't show on her credit card or bank statement. She may tell you that it was a gift from a family member...why didn't she tell you before now? Any other expensive gift whose source can not be account for should make you raise your eyebrows. 

Refusal to Return Calls:
She may start calling you from time to time everyday to ask how you are doing and things like that...this is to prevent you calling. When you do, her phone is either switched off or she maybe unreachable. She will call back after a while and give excuses why she couldn't be reached. Also, notice that it take her a long time to call try again and again it's the same story.Whenever you call her house phone, it's always the answering machine. She has already made answers for any questions you asked her. This can be because there's another man in her life which she doesn't want you to know about.

If you try to check her phone, you may find that some incoming numbers and others have been deleted.

Some or all of these signs can mean that your girlfriend is cheating on you, however, it can also mean that she's just changing her character not to hide anything, so it may not be full proof she's cheating. However, you can take advantage of technology to catch her red handed. For more insights, go to: Relationship Cheating Issues

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